Mission | Vision | Core Values


We exist to come alongside others - coaches and members alike - to build lasting relationships which creates the space to communicate ones worth and potential so clearly they are inspired to see it in themselves and others.


Steadfast will be recognized as an industry leader in the fitness, sports, and recreation sector by the care we exhibit in developing our members and coaches through highly effective, relational, and community-driven strength and conditioning programs.



In all that we do we consider the needs of others above our own.


We step into every situation with a bold humility and a quiet confidence full of gratitude & thanksgiving.


Growth happens as we show up consistently over a long period of time.

Patience (Forebearance)

We give ourselves and others grace as we understand that growth is a process where we celebrate progress.


As we see the deep felt needs in each person, we can meet them exactly where they are today.


All these values are best expressed within a tight knit community of friends who are growing in love for one another.

Remain Steadfast!